Chicken Headz

Over the last couple of years, the Nashville-style hot chicken sandwich has gained in popularity. Many restaurants and food trucks are offering their take on this spicy southern sandwich but there is one that is putting a true Texas spin on it. Newcomer, Chicken Headz is one of the newest food trailers to grace this town but their menu is going to leave your taste buds tingling and your stomach full. Traditional Nashville-style Hot Chicken is a thoroughly marinated and seasoned piece of chicken that is fried to perfection and then it is doused in a cayenne based oil to bring the heat. Chicken Headz owner Vic Fields took the inspiration from Nashville and created the Houston Hot Chicken Sandwich. The Houston Hot Chicken Sandwich is a massive sandwich because everything is bigger in Texas. Each sandwich comes stacked with a steroid and antibiotic free chicken breast that extends way beyond the challah bun, it is battered and deep fried before being tossed in Chicken Headz own cayenne oil blend. The cayenne oil will light up your senses but there is a sweet cooling that comes from a generous scoop of tangy coleslaw. Finally, a hearty drizzling of their house made spicy mayo will put you back into the heat. In what sounds like a basic spicy chicken sandwich, words do not do this sandwich justice. The bread and butter pickles add a nice sweet compliment to this spicy savory sandwich and the thick and gooey Mac-N-Cheese makes this meal complete. The sandwich comes in at nearly a pound and a half so come hungry or bring a partner to help you take on this colossal feast. Be sure to follow Chicken Headz on Facebook and Instagram and prepare to be blown away.

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