Common Bond Café & Bakery

On a Sunday stroll through Montrose, I stopped into Common Bond for breakfast. I know them best for amazing pastries and solid coffee but their food is a sleeping giant. Common Bond currently has five locations throughout the city with a new location coming to downtown soon. The Montrose location is where it all started back in 2014 and last week they opened a new location in CityPlace at Springwoods Village in Spring.
Commons Bond has a Weekday Breakfast menu that is served Monday through Friday till 11am but for those who like to sleep in on the weekends or just need a spot for brunch, they have a Weekend Brunch menu that is served till 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you aren’t feeling breakfast, you can also take your pick from their Lunch & Dinner menu but this day was calling for brunch. The Weekend Brunch menu features some interesting dishes such as the Tamale Benedict, Beef & Grits and their popular Shrimp & Grits but their Fried Chicken & Biscuits ($17) were calling my name. I tend to stick a vegetarian diet for the most part but the weekends are for fun. They take a thick juicy fried piece of chicken that is nestled against a split buttery dense biscuit and ladle on a thick and creamy jalapeno sausage gravy. To finish this masterpiece, they top it with a 63 degree egg which is similar to a poached eggs. As you slice into the egg, yolk pours from its cavity mixing with the thick cream gravy. Further the knife carves into the chicken that spills its natural juices, even buried beneath the gravy, you have hear its crispy exterior crunch. The fork fills heavy as you try to make room for the biscuit on your quest to savoir each of the flavors and textures in one bite. Simply savory is the best was to sum up this dish. Each item is seasoned perfectly to ensure the chicken, biscuit, gravy and egg complement each other without either being overpowering. Come hungry because this plate may seem small but it comes on heavy.
All in all, Common Bond is a hit in my view. I hear good things about their Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich ($13) which I plan to return for soon. Brunch for two will run you about $50 with coffee and currently with the COVID restrictions, seating might be limited. Another tip if you have a special occasion coming up or just need a reason to treat yourself, their cakes and pastries are well worth their weight in calories. Thankfully I had a walk ahead of me otherwise I would have been in a food come on the drive home. Be sure to check out for the nearest location to you.



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