Harry’s Restaurant

If you have never heard of Harry’s Restaurant in midtown, then you are not from Houston. This upscale diner has been stuffing patrons since 1948 and sure it has changed ownership, gotten a new building over the years and even renovations to keep up with the times, Harry’s is still cooking up some of the best dishes in town. Recently, Harry’s made the news when actor/comedian Adam Sandler stopped in the other week for a meal. I don’t know what he was doing in town or how he discovered Harry’s but I can guarantee that he left happy and full. Harry’s is known for their big portions with even bigger flavors and an institution that brings together a variety of culinary flavors such as Greek, Ecuadorian, Mexican and European for a concept that they dub “The Globe on Your Fork”. We stopped in for brunch on a Saturday afternoon and while there were no celebrity sightings, the food stole the spotlight.

On any given day, you can find yourself waiting for a table at Harry’s. The weekends are especially busy during brunch and you can expect to wait around 30+ mins for a table. The bright modern layout offers plenty of seating and even an outdoor covered patio but due to current COVID spacing guidelines, space may be limited. Houstonians flock to Harry’s for some of their popular dishes like Baklava French Toast ($12.95) and Waffle & Spicy Chicken Strips ($14.75) but it is the Chilaquiles ($14.50) that really brings it home. I will admit that some the prices seem a little steep but when that plate hits your table you instantly look past the cost, especially considering the fresh ingredients and portion sizes. On this trip I made the mistake straight out of the gate by splitting an appetizer. The Southern Classic ($5.50 for half order) which while delicious, it took up precious real estate in my stomach that was reserved for Chilaquilas. The Southern Classic is a grilled biscuit that is buttery and subtly sweet. The biscuit while denser was reminiscent of klobasniky or kolache dough. They then topped the grilled biscuit with slices of jalapeno-cheese smoked Akaushi beef and pork sausage that is finished off immersed in a thick creamy gravy. The sausage was very savory and delicious but I felt like it was overshadowed by the gravy. On a future trip, it would be interesting to see if you could customize a breakfast sandwich using the biscuit and sausage with some added cheddar and a fried egg. Not long after the appetizer, the Chilaquiles made their way to the table. The Chilaquiles platter is a pile of corn tortilla chips that have been tossed in their house salsa ranchero. The sauce is a smoky and tangy tomato based salsa that has a slow burn on the palate that is cooled off with the heavy drizzle crema and the generous topping of queso fresco. The pickled red onion adds a nice acidic bite to the dish that complements this hearty classic Mexican dish. As if the pile of chilaquiles wasn’t enough to tackle, the dish is served with refried beans, avocado slices and two eggs cooked to order. Come with a big appetite or feel free to share because it is definitely a dish that can serve two.

Next time you are looking for a great brunch on the weekend or even midweek, be sure to check out Harry’s Restaurant. They are open Monday-Friday from 6:30AM-2PM and 7AM-3PM on the weekends. As a pro tip, for the busy weekends, you can join their waitlist on Yelp so you don’t have to sit around waiting in the parking lot on a hot summer afternoon. Wait times can be long during the early afternoon brunch rush so I would recommend going early in the morning or later in the afternoon after 1pm on Saturday and Sundays. There is a parking lot but it does get full pretty quick. While there is plenty of street parking, make sure to pay attention to parking signs. If you are not ready to venture out for dining during the COVID pandemic, you can also order online for curbside take-out and delivery. Check all the information on their website at https://harryshtx.com and prepare to be amazed.

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