Main Chick

2020 is a leap year and for many of us, we wish we could leap right to 2021. This year the COVID-19 Pandemic has put a major strain on the local bar and restaurant industry but there have been a few who have opened in the height of the pandemic. Newcomer Main Chick setup shop in their food truck near the busy Westheimer and Dunlavy intersection just across the street from Agora. Nashville-style hot chick has really exploded lately with many creating their own take. Main Chick has a simple menu but it offers everything you need in the way of tenders, sliders and waffle fries. Whether you like it wild or mild, there are six levels of heat to choose from. No Spice, Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot and Cluck-It. On my visit, I went with the Slider Meal ($12) which comes with two sliders and fries. Typically, when I think of slider it is the size of a dinner roll but Main Chick comes at you with practically two full sized sandwiches. For the price this is a steal and more than enough food to share. On your sliders you have the option of coleslaw or cheese sauce but I kept it traditional and went with the slaw. The chicken was crispy yet still juicy and the medium spice offered just enough of a bite to make you sweat in this summer heat. The crinkle cut fries are decent but wasn’t quite the star for this meal. I will definitely be back to try their Cluck It Up Fries ($10) which is a huge serving of waffle fries, chopped tenders flavored to your spice preference, pickles and cheese sauce or their Comeback Sauce (Mayonnaise and Chili Sauce). I am a huge fan of Nashville-style hot chicken and I think Main Chick is definitely worth checking out. Check them out for yourself here.

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